Company Profile

Empowering lives and communities

KEPCO SPC remains truly dedicated to bring reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-competitive power to the Filipinos.


Our Power Plant consistently performs at high availability with the dynamics of these four factors: (1) Preventive Maintenance Programs, (2) Planned Maintenance Programs, (3) Management Strategies, and (4) Technical Support System.


Our Power Plant utilizes the modern Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) Technology, a clean coal technology proven globally to be compliant with stringent environmental laws such as the Philippine Clean Air Act and the World Bank standards. Emissions from facilities using this globally accepted technology have been proven — by over 1,300 CFBC units operating around the world —to be very well within the limitations set by the Clean Air Act. The injection of limestone into the combustor significantly reduces sulfur (SOx) emission while the formation of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions is reduced, if not eliminated, due to the low combustion temperature of 850-900 OC.


The Company enters into Power Sales Agreements (PSA) and Retail Electricity Supply (RES) Contracts with various electric cooperatives and companies. These ensure that the contract quantity in which the Company will supply will be in accordance with good utility practice and in compliance with appropriate rules and regulations such as the Philippine Grid Code and the Distribution Code, the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market Rules and the Open Access Transmission Service Rules